Easter Cards 2017

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Antique White & Graphite Bed Frame

Materials: Rust-Oleum Antique White & Graphite, clear wax

IMG_7200 IMG_7202 IMG_7199

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Winter Grey Dining Table

Materials: Winter Grey Rust-Oleum chalk paint, Rust-Oleum clear wax, French Oak varnish.

IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7054


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Dining table and chairs

We decided to go through the sell-buy house again! I am super excited about it and can’t wait to start looking for our new home. So because our house is going back on the market we need a nice dining table in our lounge, as we currently haven’t got one (sold our table to make room for all the toys our little Dexter owns)! I’ve been searching for a pine farmhouse table but in the end they were too big and the one I found is leaf drop table so we will still have a little room for all the necessary toys.

Chairs were in a terrible condition and I had to spend most of my weekend on sanding them down. Yesterday while our little monkey was napping I managed to put one coat of Rust-Oleum Winter Grey and one coat of French Oak varnish on the table. The whole set will need at least two coats and wax to finish. I added little detail to the back of the chairs, making them look a little shabby chic 🙂

As soon as it’s all done I will post the final pics.

img_6882 img_6884 img_6886 img_6888 img_6887 img_6889 img_6885 img_6890

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Christmas 2016 creations

Happy 2017!!

Just a few pics I didn’t manage to put here before Christmas arrived! I decided to make my own Christmas Stockings too this year, first time using my amazing sewing machine properly, it wasn’t easy but I made it!

So here are the completed Christmas cards and stockings 🙂

img_6221 img_6225 img_6229 img_6232 img_6234

img_6258 img_6259 img_6260 img_6261 img_6262 img_6263IMG_7060 IMG_7059 IMG_7058


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Christmas is coming!

Traditionally I am making my own Christmas cards for family and friends. First I had an idea of crocheting little Christmas decorations and gluing them to cards but then another idea came to my head and now all I do past Dexter’s bed time is hand stitch felt stars, Christmas stockings and Christmas bells. I absolutely love this little production of mine. I think my cards are very unique this year, they look 3D if you like and even though they are seriously time consuming I am very proud of those little creations.

img_5471 img_5474 img_5550 img_5600img_5655 img_5657 cwrc5jvxaaqfh6_fullsizerender




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Room Divider and Book Shelve

Rust-Oleum chalk paint. First time using different chalk paint to Annie Sloan, not cheaper and smaller tin but I thought I’ll try something else.

I was given the room diver by a friend and bought a new book shelve. These were my projects over the summer 🙂 Both required a lot of sanding, and couple of coats of paint so they were time consuming but was very happy with the end result.

img_1091 img_1107



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Dexter’s Garden Bench

This beautiful small bench came from a garage sale in our village. It sure was very shabby chic already and I thought I would not have to do anything with it, but after closer inspection it was obvious that the paint was falling off of it a little too much. Every time Dexter sat on it his clothes were covered in paint flakes so it was the high time to renovate but keep it look shabby chic.

I needed to sand the whole bench down removing all the old flaky paint but discovering the beautiful natural wood. I managed to preserve some of the colourful paint on the carved details and a little bit of white here and there. As per instruction on the tin, it has three coats of outdoor clear varnish.

I absolutely love this little bench!

img_0312 img_0544 img_0758


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Easter Quilling

New for Shabtique, never done quilling before, lots of fun. My own hand made Easter cards for friends and family. Every card has a little story; little roses for my son’s Rose Cottage nursery, ladybird for a friend who loves ‘bugs’, house design paper for a friend who was in a process of buying a new house and an owl for someone who has a lot of owls around the house 🙂 Truly enjoyed making them. I am sure I’ll have few more quilling ideas in the future.

img_0146 img_0043 img_0027 img_0026 img_0016 img_0015 img_0014 img_0012 img_0009 img_0008

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Hand Made Birthday Cards and Gifts

img_1526  img_0709 img_0596  img_1564  cpvo1isxyaa3wsz  img_1562

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