Colourful Rocking Chair

It was an absolute bargain and of course I quickly thought of making this little rocking chair as colourful and shabby as I could. I probably used every colour of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint I had and it definitely looks great. But most importantly Dexter seems to love it too!

Materials: Annie Sloan chalk paint and clear wax.

  • Old White, Old Ochre, Cream, Louis Blue, Emperor’s Silk, Antibes Green

img_1115 img_1117 img_1311 img_2461 img_5709 img_5710

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Little boy’s bookcase

Our little love loves books. Little bookcase was needed.

We went to Brighton one weekend and bought this little but perfect bookcase on a flee market. I thought it would be nice if I painted it in the same colour as his storage box, so one day when we find our dream family house Dexter can have matching furniture in his room.

Really easy and quick little project 🙂

Materials: Annie Sloan Louis Blue and clear wax.

img_0301  img_0330

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Crocheting and Sewing

When I was very young my dearest granny was teaching me how to crochet. I was making endless crochet chains, which I was calling scarfs 🙂 Of course I was getting bored with it really quick and preferred being with my friends rather than crocheting! It was for old people, not for me.

If only I could turned back time… now I have to learn from books and YouTube.

So while being pregnant I decided to make a crochet blanket for our little baby. It took me forever and the end effect was not great but I am proud that at least I tried 🙂 Since then I’ve completed three blankets and made quite a few ‘granny squares’.

My amazing husband also bought me a nice little sewing machine which I only use for mending clothes at the moment as somehow just can’t grasp the idea of even how to make a simple pillow case!

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Merry Christmas 2015

Going back almost a year ago now…

I was in charge of decorating the Christmas table! All hand made items 🙂 Cards, place cards, paper pine cones & Christmas trees.

_20151219_180524 _20151219_171212  dsc_0547 dsc_0449  dsc_0732 cvety1twoaeu362 dsc_0575 cveus31xiaa5tjo

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Autumn 2015

Little things 🙂

Materials: Annie Sloan chalk paint, clear wax.

dsc_0570 dsc_0561 dsc_0566 dsc_0556 img_2454 img_0975

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Summer 2015

Somewhere in between June and July 2015 I finally decided to shabtique this beautiful wooden storage box, which I bought on eBay few years back.

Now that Dexter’s toy collection was growing really fast we needed something to put them away in order to have our lounge back in the evenings. We do not have a ‘play room’ so our sitting room becomes a massive play room during the day and if we have any energy left by the evening all gets cleared up to this beautiful storage box.

I used Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue and Louis Blue chalk paint, perfect little boy’s colours. Followed by clear wax and a little sanding.

Now as you can see the box is full of very necessary Dexter’s equipment 🙂

bjcra4viyaege0v  img_5702 img_5707 img_5705


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Spare five minutes to paint this little table.

I need to go back here to April 2015.

I bought this little folding side table in charity shop. I really liked it and thought it would be a perfect little project to do. I carried it home while pushing a pram 🙂 I was ready to Shabtique! Up until now I have not touched a paint bush for more than a year. I was worried that my whole collection of Annie Sloan paint would be dried out. Some of it was! But few tins of paint survived.

First I sanded the top of the table to the original beautiful wood. It took me few days to complete this, even though the table is so small. How times have changed 🙂 If I remember this correctly the only time I could do any projects was when Dexter was napping, so couple of hours at most!

Materials used: paint brushes, Chateau Grey, clear wax, sanding paper, french oak varnish.

cdmlqmjwgai46v2 img_1100 img_1101 img_1102

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…Since my last post.. a lot has changed :)

It seems that I have not been here since May 2014!!!

I am pretty sure that I’ve done few posts since then but apparently I forgot to publish them or even save them so here we are.. more than two years later!

To explain in the shortest possible way, why I was missing for so long it’s actually not that difficult. I am a mummy now. So you do understand the absence..

My beautiful baby (now toddler) Dexter was born on the 18th of September 2014. He has been pretty much my ‘whole life’ since. Meaning, I forgot how it is to be able to pop in to my local charity shop, buy a bedside table and paint it on that same day. Now leaving the house takes forever; packing the changing bag, making sure I’ve got enough nappies, enough snacks, spare dummy, rain cover, pram, wait.. half way to the town I  realise that my wallet is in the other changing bag! Why do I have two changing bags? After my return trip I finally manage to go to one of million charity shops on our high street, I buy a small wooden picture frame, that’s all I can fit in the storage of my pram, I convince myself I’ll paint it later. Few months later I do!

I am not complaining! No, no! I love it! But the truth is I have no time for hobbies at the moment, unless it’s after 8 pm and by then I am totally exhausted. I am back to work now too!

When I was pregnant friends would ask me “will you still do Shabtique?” They asked as they knew how much I loved it. OF COURSE was my answer. Of course I’ll do it, what else will I do while the baby sleeps? They always sleep… right? Yes, they do for the first couple of months, and when they sleep you sleep! The last thing on my mind was to start sanding something and painting it after.. Reality was that I was absolutely consumed by my little baby. And I loved every second of it, still do of course, but I too missed my little hobby.

So yes, here we are, even writing this post takes me couple of days…

Anyway, I will have to go back in time a little with my future posts as I have managed few projects over the past two years, just never had the chance to visit here and share it.

Enjoy! It’s so good to be back! (Even if only for few minutes)

Shabtique x


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Recent Shabtique in Pics

My recently completed projects.

bedside1 bed39f31995b-abcd-425a-99fd-6af3c4a8f5ab e5f22bf8-a980-49db-8a11-31b4dcba07b7

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Shabtique Table & Chairs

My another dining table and chairs project which I was very fond of.

$_12 (8) Materials:

  • Old White
  • Clear Wax
  • Painting accessories
  • Upholstery accessories

Visit My Work to see the outcome 🙂

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